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DSK Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

DSK Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is embarking upon an inspired journey of making technology “easy to use” as well as “cost effective” for the common people. To empower global villagers and make them more tech-savvy, we endeavour to bridge the gap in the digital divide across sections of society that is prevalent today. DSK Digital Technologies brings convergent Internet technologies and mobility for common people at affordable cost. The Company is focussed on bringing IT and Digital products driven by cutting edge technology with local and global innovations. Our quest is to make the common people of India and global villagers "Use Technology in everyday life."

Indian made DSK Mobiliz is a product which strikes perfect balance between cost and functionality. DSK Mobiliz has been designed as an affordable information device, feature rich with high power efficiency, especially for those millions who have never before held a computing device in their hands. DSK Mobiliz features state of the art capabilities with internet applications, open office productivity software, multimedia for essential computing usage in open source architecture.

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